Montessori Training Centre (MTC)

Montessori Training Centre (MTC):

The Montessori Training Centre provides education for young women and men who want to become a nursery school teacher following the Montessori Methodology and Philosophy. It is a two years course including practical training and fieldwork. Each student  makes her/his own Montessori Material  set.

It started in 1997 as the first Montessori Training Centre in the Lake Zone.

Programme of study of child care & education

We are happy to present you our new Programme of study of child care & education. you are most welcome to join the studies for becoming a qualified educator for children from the age of 21/2 to 6 years.

The Motto for this will be: Help me to do it by myself

For more informations or registrations please contact us:


Telefon: +255 (0)713 334036