Education Buildings

Montessori School: Kiloleli

The Montessori  school campus Kiloleli hosts  the  Primary and Secondary  School.  The first buildings have been erected in 2005. The Campus has a size of around 100'000 square meters and consists of  12 buildings.

The Primary School duration is 6 years. Class names are not numbers; animal names are used instead.

The Secondary School duration is 3 classes. Country names are used to name the classes.

In total around 700 students are trained by 20 teachers on the Kiloleli Campus. Lunch service is also available.

Montessori School: Kawekamo

The Montessori school building Kawekamo was build 1996.  It hosts Administration, the Nursery School, the Training Center (MTC) and the Teachers Training College (MTTC).

The Campus has a size of around 15'000 square meters and consists of 11 buildings.

There are food service and overnight facilities available for students of MTC and MTTC including recreation facilities. A beautiful garden supports learning and recreation for the students.