Where does my money exactly go?

I donated. Do 100% of my money go to the Montessori School Mwanza?

Who is behind this crowdfunding campaign?

Sister Denise Mattle, Simon Bühler (donations and webdesign) and Philippe Saner (concept) are committed to this crowdfunding campaign and invest time and dedication, simply because we are convinced that it is the right thing to do and creates sustainable impact on the ground in these challenging times.


How did it all begin?

The Montessori School Mwanza is managed by Sister Denise Mattle from Switzerland since many years with great personal involvement and dedication. The school is open to children and students of any religion or belief. They share the common understanding that a non-violent education based on Montessori methodology is the way forward for society. See this interview with Sister Denise Mattle for more details.


What is the role of the Monastery Baldegg in Switzerland?

The Monastery Baldegg supports various global charity projects, amongst those the Montessori School Mwanza in Tanzania.

Philippe Saner during his visit

at the Montessori School Mwanza

How does my money reach the Montessori School Mwanza?

The donation will be transferred through our Payrexx-Paymentgate directly to the mission account of the Monastery Baldegg. From there, the money will be transferred to the accounts of the Montessori School Mwanza. The allocation of the funds to the projects is personally supervised by Sister Denise Mattle on the ground and reported yearly with an activity report.


Does 100% of my money flow into the projects?

Not quite, there is a cut on the way. We allocate 10% of the donated money for administrative costs to continuously support the crowdfunding campaign. This includes the interaction with donors (creation of donation receipts, sending of donation rewards, answering mails, social media), the status update of the current projects, the planning of future projects and the regular update of our website. And of course, the hosting of the website and the payment terminal also cost money.


Ok, so 90% of my money goes directly into the projects, right?

Yes, we can ensure and promise, that at least 90% of your personal donation will go fully into the projects of the Montessori School Mwanza.