Funded Projects

Funded Project: Solar Bakery

With generous private support two Solar Bakeries where set up to leverage the independence and raise additional income for the Montessori School Mwanza. This project was realized in collaboration with Swiss based company GoSolar. GoSolar supports local African communities to use solar power to make and bake their own bread. In our view, the solar bakery project is an innovative way to use the power of the sun in regions that are regularly affected by power cuts and where electricity is still expensive. The infrastructure will be produced in local facilities and then used by communities to bake their own bread. This project can teach students to self-sustain themselves and ensure a good and sustainable source of food, for the school and also for customers of the school bakery.

 Funded Project: School Bus for the Montessori School Tanzania

Since the beginning, the Montessori School Mwanza offered to pick up the students with old refurbished school buses at a marginal fee. The buses collect the around 240 pupils who are in need for transportation, as their home is in other rural districts and too far away from the school to walk. To ensure that the children have a safe travel the school was in dire need for a new bus. The project funded the purchase of one Toyota Coaster Bus with 29 seats. The bus will be used to ferry the pupils in three shifts, to and from the school to their homes, daily at a marginal transport fee to cover the basic costs.


The old buses needed to be replaced after years of daily use on the dusty roads to transport the students safely to and from the school to their homes…

What we made possible:

The funding of a school bus to make the daily routine for the students safe and possible and therefore support their education and further school success...

 Funded Project: Fencing Wall

This project is already funded thanks to internal funds and the generous support of a private foundation to complete the construction of a security wall at the Montessori School Campus. The fencing wall has a total length of 540 meters and a height of 2.6 meters.


The Security Fencing Wall did solve the constant threat caused by burglars who invaded the school frequently to steal school and student property. There were also several incidents of physical confrontations between criminals and members of the school community during the day and night. The barbed wire security fence with steel poles had been cut and stolen by criminals. The local Police Force advised us to secure our compound by erecting a security fencing wall on our boundaries because they cannot deploy the Police Officers to guard our school compound throughout the day. The increased security risks threaten the academic tranquility of the school, which affects student performance negatively. This situation prompted Montessori School Mwanza to seek for financial support which did help us to realize our objectives.


The many open spots into the school made it easy for burglars to steal school and student property and endangered the school stability.

What we made possible:

Thanks to private donations towards this project we made it possible for the school to build a closed and massive stone fence. The massive stone wall can’t be cut and helps to lower criminal activity by burglars on the campus. Due to the increased safety of the students and teachers, the overall performance did increase, and the students can study for their future in peace without having to worry all the time.

 Funded Project: Boys Hostel

The Lack of Study / Dining Room for Boys Hostel has affected the learning environment in boys Hostel and hence Boys Enrollment in School Hostel. The Students did not have a proper dining place they ate in an open hall. The students did not have a study room in their Hostel they studied in an open hall, whereby they were vulnerable to constant Malaria infection. The School intended to improve the students learning environment by building a Dining / Study Room. The proposed Dining / Study Room is the extension of the existing Boys Hostel. The room has a total area of 88m2.

The improved learning environment leads to a better education. Education is the single most important means by which individuals and society can improve personal endowments, build capacity levels, overcome barriers, and expand opportunities for a sustained improvement in their well being. Our project focused to providing basic hostel facilities of all students through Montessori Education. The emphasis is on action learning, physical education through games & sports, creativity develop through role play, poem & poetry write practicing, field work and group work, mental development through disciplinary practices of through human behaviour, all are combined to
challenging environment to define problems and find workable solution.


The Students of the Boys Hostel had to study, learn and eat in the open Hall. In this Hall they were vulnerable to malaria infections. This situation also affected the learning situation and perfomance of those students.

What we made possible:

This project proposal requested funds, to make an extension of the boys hostel by building a Study / Dining Room. The Study / Dining room will have a total floor area of 88m2. With the help of this new extension, the overall situation for the Boys at the Montessori School Mwanza will improve.