Funded Projects

 Funded Project: Fencing Wall

This project is already funded thanks to internal funds and the generous support of a private foundation to complete the construction of a security wall at the Montessori School Campus. The fencing wall has a total length of 540 meters and a height of 2.6 meters.


The Security Fencing Wall did solve the constant threat caused by burglars who invaded the school frequently to steal school and student property. There were also several incidents of physical confrontations between criminals and members of the school community during the day and night. The barbed wire security fence with steel poles had been cut and stolen by criminals. The local Police Force advised us to secure our compound by erecting a security fencing wall on our boundaries because they cannot deploy the Police Officers to guard our school compound throughout the day. The increased security risks threaten the academic tranquility of the school, which affects student performance negatively. This situation prompted Montessori School Mwanza to seek for financial support which did help us to realize our objectives.


The many open spots into the school made it easy for burglars to steal school and student property and endangered the school stability.

What we made possible:

Thanks to private donations towards this project we made it possible for the school to build a closed and massive stone fence. The massive stone wall can’t be cut and helps to lower criminal activity by burglars on the campus. Due to the increased safety of the students and teachers, the overall performance did increase, and the students can study for their future in peace without having to worry all the time.