Lets help them to do it by themself

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Help me to do it by myself is the central phrase for montessori teaching. Lets help them to do it by themself!

This is your chance to directly support the education of children and young adults in Subsaharan Africa. With this crowdfunding campaign, we call upon your financial support to continuously improve the infrastructure of the Montessori School Mwanza. Your contribution directly supports early childhood education and impacts the daily life of hundreds of children and young adults. Below you find our priority projects and an update about the current funding status. See this interview for more details about how it all started

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Sister Denise Mattle

Current Status: 1800.00 CHF Donated

In return for your generous donation we offer the following rewards that are handmade at the Montessori School Mwanza for the special purpose of this crowdfunding:

1. With a donation of CHF 50+ (or similar amount in your currency) you get a handmade bracelet

2. With a donation of CHF 100+ you get a handmade puzzle from the students workshop 

3. With a donation of CHF 150+ you get a handmade letter of a student*

4. With a donation of CHF 1000+ you get the possibility to visit the Montessori School in Mwanza, Tanzania and get a personal tour by Sister Denise Mattle**

* Please note that the letter will be written especially for you and therefore will take some time to arrive, we count on your patience for this reward.

** Unfortunately, in these uncertain times there is no guarantee for a safe travel. Travel to and from Mwanza (Tanzania) and insurance is not included as part of this reward and has to be organized by the visitor in advance and in prior confirmation with Sister Denise Mattle. Please note that we can offer basic accommodation and meals, in return for a unique experience at the school. Prior experience with travelling to remote locations is advisable.

Project : Computer Room

Digital literacy forms an important part of the education of our secondary school students. This project aims to extend the existing computer room and allows students to work individually on laptops.

Current Situation:

The computer room is too small to train a single group, and several students share a single desktop computer for their training activities. Although it is possible to work, the overall learning experience should be improved by providing a better infrastructure.

Future plans:

The existing computer room will be extended and equipped with twenty laptops. This will allow students to benefit from advanced capacity-building activities related to the digital learning experience.

Amount needed for this project: 14'000.00 CHF

Already Funded Project: New Library

This project aims to provide the students a place to study and read outside the regular school hours. Some of the students live on campus and appreciate to practice their English whilst studying about the arts, humanities and natural sciences, but also read novels and comic books in their free time. Starting in 2022 and with generous support of Paul Reinhart Foundation the existing library will be extended, refurnished and updated with books to meet the demands of an increasing numbers of students across different ages.