Sister Denise Mattle

Nationality: Swiss

Date of Birth: 6.5.1948

Place of Birth: Bischofszell, Thurgau, Switzerland

Religious order: Sisters of divine Providence, Baldegg, Switzerland

Philosophy of life: HELP ME TO DO IT BY MYSELF



Short CV:

Born in 1948 Bischofszell, Switzerland.

Basic education: Nursery / Primary school/ Secondary school in Switzerland.

With 18 years joining Professional studies for Teaching adults and children in Nursery school Education, (Early childhood), Freobel in Switzerland

In 1981 arriving in Tanzania teaching in the Montessori Training Centre, established by Miss Dwyer form England in 1967.

1982 studying Montessori Education, in England and South Africa.Back to Tanzania to establish Montessori Nursery – and Primary schools and training young people to be Montessori Directresses.

Since 1982 – 2013 Principal of the Montessori Training Centre in Dar es Salaam.

Since 1997 up to now also Principal of the 2.Montessori Training Centre, Nursery school, Primary school and Secondary school, also of the Teachers Training College for Primary schools.


I always had the desire to meet different cultures and esp. People. Through my parents who were very social towards other people, I felt to offer my time and life to young people helping them to build up their life in education of the Montessori Philosophy. To become a peaceful respected person living harmonously with others.

I believe in God and the Divine Providence and that has always been the guidance in my life.

Sister Denise is a member of the Foundation of MTAT ( Montessori Training Association of Tanzania.